Odopod acquired by Nurun

When I started Odopod with Tim and Jacquie, my personal intention was to do good work with great people. That was really it. I had just wrapped up an 18 month contract with Rare Medium after they aquired my first agency and I had a renewed respect for these critical aspects of work.

Over the past ten odd years, I’ve been able to live the dream. I’ve learned an incredible amount from our ever expanding team of incredibly talented and dedicated folks. Even at the most intense moments, I would not have traded this opportunity for any other — until now.

The Nurun deal is a great opportunity for both companies and you can read more about our special chocolate-and-peanut-butter combination on our blog.

The strategic match of experience and talent between Odopod and Nurun is huge, but it was the people and our shared values that sealed the deal for me. Over the past months, I’ve met people from several Nurun offices and they all share the friendly, ego-nuetral personalities that characterize the folks at Odopod. What’s more, they share a passion for strategy, design and technology working together to deliver innovative work that is useful and enjoyable.

I’m really looking forward to the next 10 years, working with our new global team, vendors and clients to do great work.

An incredible number of people have contributed to the success of Odopod success and I’m truly grateful for everyone’s help getting us to the point where we could make this deal happen. Thank you!

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