‪AIR for mobile remote camera app‬‏ – YouTube

AIR for mobile remote camera app – YouTube.

This video shows an AIR desktop app that is connected (peer-to-peer) with an AIR for mobile app running on 4 different devices.

The mobile apps stream video back to the desktop application and the desktop app can be used to send messages to the camera operators.

The devices tested all handle capturing and streaming 640×480 video at 15 fps. The wifi network is having a little trouble keeping up with 4 streams but works well with fewer streams (or when I’m alone on the network).

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  1. Jean-Marc, Thanks. I’m glad you like the POC. We’ll be using it during our broadcast on http://thefwa.com/fwawebtv tomorrow this Thursday at 2pm Pacific Time.Also, thanks for the links. That is some really nice work. Definitely has me thinking beyond video.

  2. Here is another video we just uploaded:iPhone/Android Remote Game Controllerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W02HdiMyVOURegards,

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