Portrait Drawing with Genetic Algorithm

Some results from a drawing program I am working on that uses a genetic algorithm to refine the drawing style. Below is the first generation.


First Generation (above) and 4th (below)


4th (above) and 7th generation (below)

generation-7 The 7th generation (above) and the 16th image in that generation below. 7-16

5 Replies to “Portrait Drawing with Genetic Algorithm”

  1. Dear David Bliss,
    I just saw your amazing work and wanted to ask you if you could by any chance explain me a little bit more about it, how you*ve done it and which programm did you use etc.
    Is there a chance to share your knowledge with me.

    All the best and great works !

  2. Hello!
    your work is amazing. I was very interested. I would like to ask whether it is possible to try your algroritms in some way, I mean specifically ‘Portrait Drawing with Genetic Algorithm’. Right now I’m starting to do painting, and such a way to generate images is exactly what I’d like to try. Would it be possible to get more information? Thank you very muc Jakub Mikulecký

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