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  1. HI David,The sample is great , but I got a error message “AS3OpenNI :: Capture Socket Error”I think I have got some are missing … would you ever see this error message?ThanksLouis

  2. I’m using win7 when I export swf with example.fla andopen ‘AS3OpenNI_Alpha_1.3.0.exe’ serverthen I have this log as below:[SWF] example.swf – 45665 bytes after decompressionInfo (AS3OpenNI :: Alpha 1.3.0)AS3OpenNI :: NITE Session Socket – Bound to: listenersWave!AS3OpenNI :: Capture Socket ErrorAS3OpenNI :: NITE Session Socket – Connection from: :: NITE Session Socket – Received: event:session_progressKeep waving…AS3OpenNI :: NITE Session Socket – Received: event:session_progressKeep waving…AS3OpenNI :: NITE Session Socket – Received: event:session_startedOK, I see you nowAS3OpenNI :: Capture Socket ErrorAS3OpenNI :: NITE Session Socket – Received: event:session_startedOK, I see you nowAS3OpenNI :: Capture Socket Error[UnloadSWF] example.swfTest Movie terminated.

  3. Hi David, I can’t seem to open the Fla. I assumed it was CS5 and I have CS4, so I have converted it… but it’s just an empty file. I’ve tried including the AS files and publishing but all I get is a 1093 Syntax error for both files, on line 1.Any clues on this? I can’t get it working at all.

  4. Hi Tony, This is written for CS5. I don’t have CS4 to test it in. The FLA is empty. I set the Example.as as the Document class of the FLA. To do this the “Class” field of the example.fla property panel is set to “Example”

  5. Hi David, how are you. First of all, thanks for the great source. It was very helpful. Anyway, ive noticed on your demo above that your kinect feed is running smoothly. I did manage to make your fla work, but the lag difference of the feed is just too obvious compared to what you have there. Are there some parts of your code/fla that I need to adjust? Second, you mentioned it on your AS file that when package as a native app, it should be able to launch the server automatically. Unfortunately, that didnt work. Are there any certain lines or paths that i need to edit in order for the server to run automatically?

  6. Hi Jo, I don’t recall making any changes to increase performance on my end. The video was made using the first set of files (http://labs.odopod.com/dave/as3openni/example.zip). It may be that the version of the server I used in the second set of files is less performant. I recommend trying with the very latest server software (though I have not done that myself and can’t tell you how my code would need to be changed to work with it). I tried to set up the second file to work automatically when run as an AIR application. All you should have to do is include the server application into the packaged AIR app. This is done by adding it to the ‘included files’ in the ‘general’ tab of the ‘AIR settings’ dialog.

  7. Hi David. Thanks for the reply. Actually I already did that. I even dissected (‘show package content’ in mac) the app after installing it just to be sure if the server application is in there (thinking that maybe it wouldnt work debugging it in AIR debug launcher in flash). But unfortunately, the results were the same. Even tried running their flex samples (fb4.5, osx10.6) and got the same results again. Can’t seem to make the server application run automatically.Question. If I tried calling the server binaryPath with a different filename (say binaryPath = “AS3OpenNI_Alpha_test” instead of “AS3OpenNI_Alpha_1.3.0”), should flash yield an error during debug? Cause on my end, it just continues to show the following:AS3OpenNI :: NITE Session Socket – Bound to: listenersWave!AS3OpenNI :: Capture Socket ErrorAS3OpenNI :: Capture Socket ErrorEven though if I were to provide the correct server application filename, results were the same. So I was thinking that maybe it would be best to ask you since you’ve manage already to make of all this work, especially in making the server application run automatically. =)Thanks again!

  8. Jo, I don’t recall getting any errors when the application fails to launch. There is a conditional on line 95 of FPAS3OpenNI.as were you could add a log statement to be sure that the line of code trying to launch the server is running for you. This FPAS3OpenNI class is one I created (based on the default example) in order to get this functionality to work in Flash Pro. If I can find the time, I will do some tests and let you know if I can learn anything more for you.

  9. Hi, Please I need some help, if anyone can point me in the right direction…I’ve installed the following on Windows 7 / 64 bit… 1. openni-win32- 2. nite-win32- 3. SensorKinect-Win-OpenSource32- everything seems ok, I can even see the drivers are installed properly, the kinect is blinking in green.But if I run “AS3OpenNI_Alpha_1.3.0.exe” I get “the program can’t start because xnvnite.dll is missing from your computer”anyone knows what I need to do?

  10. Hi Tebogo, sorry but I’m not going to be much help on the windows side. One thing I found helped on the mac side of things was to run the examples that are included in the NITE libraries to confirm that the drivers are installed properly. When they were not able to run, I would typically go through all of the install processes again.

  11. I recently found another option for using the Kinect in Flash. AIRKinect from the AS3nui.com team works as a native extension in AIR apps and on the windows side of things it uses the Windows SDK. The SDK is very easy to install and most important for me, the skeleton recognition does not require s specific pose for recognition.

  12. Thanks a lot David, I just found what the problem was, it’s the path in the environment variables, it’s not using the same letter casing as the physical path. Just had to change ~PrimeSenseNITEbin to ~PrimeSenseNITEBinwill check out the AIRKinect, thanks!

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