Building a network of twitter bots and using it to spark conversations

You’re here because of a robot | sune lehmann.

The overall goal was to for each team to build a convincing bot, get human followers, and  at a specified time, for everyone work together to make specific hashtags trend on twitter. So how to achieve that goal? Here’s an overview of what each team has worked on

  • Build convincing avatars and use the high follower-counts as part of the disguise.
  • Use machine learning to tell who’s a bot and who’s not (in order to focus only on humans and ignoring bots).
  • Use natural language processing & machine learning to discover quality content to re-tweet and tweet.
  • Use network theory, to explore the network surrounding existing followers, making sure that bot actions reach entire communities.

Twitter Cards

First rolled out in June 2012, Cards for Twitter use meta-data at a given URL to provide preview information for that URL within the Twitter ecosystem.

The preview is displayed in association with tweets which include the URL (or a shortened form of it).

Because it greatly improves the appearance of site content within Twitter, including meta-data to support Twitter Cards is considered good site hygiene.

Blogs hosted here on include all the data needed for Twitter Cards, but that data will only appear if you submit your site to Twitter.

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