Give people stories to tell about ambient interactions powered by the IoT

Successful wearables may need to offer more than utility and fashion to succeed. Telling people stories helps them better understand otherwise ambient interactions, an important part of proving ongoing value. Personally, the accessibility of these stories has definitely influenced my long-term adoption of devices and services (and, more often, my abandonment of them).

FromĀ A narrative architecture for The Internet of Things:

But the more intriguing challenge is to start with the devices and build narrative from there: to layer the convention of storytelling onto the framework of the Internet of Things:

  • How do you add narrative elements to your smart watch?
  • How does a store “talk” to you as you walk through the aisles?
  • How do you add a sense of agency and narrative tension to your morning jog?
  • How do you tell stories about energy and sustainability and collective effort in a connected city?
  • How do you use foreshadowing, climax, and denouement to help users understand where they are on a particular journey through a connected experience?
  • How do we use history, legacy, myth and heroes as tools in the armament of connected experiences?