Google’s GDK shows how native Glassware apps will integrate into Glass

Back in November, Google released a “sneak peak” of the Glass Development Kit (GDK) which will be in “developer release” later this year.

The GDK, and new Glassware using it, provide the first look at how native applications will be installed and used on Glass. There are a few ways a Glass app can run within Glass.

  1. Inline within the timeline
  2. As an immersive experience
  3. Behind the scenes

In the video below, Timothy Jordan demonstrates the GDK and several new native Glassware apps that launched with the GDK.

KitchMe Glassware

Google Glass | KitchMe

These guys absolutely nailed it with their Glassware app. While the visual language on the site is not exactly to my liking they have:

  • A great intro to the app prior to installation
  • Easy customization (on web site) after installation
  • A clear mechanism to send recipes to Glass from the site

Now if I could only navigate without having to wash my raw-chicken-covered-hands.

Google Glass | KitchMe.

FitBit Glassware

Many of us at Nurun are very interested in wearable technology. When one of the developers in our San Francisco office was accepted into Google’s Explorer Program, we jumped on the opportunity to start working on Glassware.

The first prototype we built delivers Fitbit data to the Glass timeline using Google’s Mirror API and Fitbit’s public API. It is designed to help users reach their personal goals with timely, easily accessible micro-interactions.

via FitBit Glassware.

Fancy Glassware on Vimeo

This demo of a Glassware app for Fancy shows what appears to be a realistic implementation of ‘augmented reality’ using the Mirror API. In it you see:

  1. A photo is taken of (using standard Glass camera app) and shared to Fancy via a contact added by them when the app is installed.
  2. Fancy servers then receive and analyse the image and send the Glass a bundle of cards featuring related products.
  3. The user then favorites an item and buys another using custom actions available for each card in the bundle.
  4. The app confirms the purchase by inserting another card with the details.