Augmented reality – reality optional.

This augmented reality campaign is very light on technology.

As the demo video shows, the print ad links to a mobile site which directs you to line up the your phone with the magazine before playing the video. This is a completely manual and optional step. You don’t need the magazine to watch the videos (provided you use your mobile device to load the site). In fact, the site has no way of knowing if you have the ad in front of you.

In some ways, this makes good sense. It is far more efficient to produce without implementing some sort of computer vision to recognize the images and the ad’s concept works ok without it. More importantly, anyone with a mobile web browser can view the content without first downloading an  app (which few would do).

Curiously, the campaign goes out of its way to trick customers into thinking they need both a phone and a copy of the magazine to work. Go to the site on your desktop and on your mobile to see what I mean.

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