Think Quarterly nails multi-screen content delivery

Google’s new online magazine, Think Quarterly has done a really nice job delivering a reading experience tailored to personal preferences and readable on a variety of screens.

Each story is accessible in three layouts: faux print magazine, large screen web and small screen web. I personally am not a fan of the magazine approach. For me, it comes across as a gimmick and while I like what they are doing with information visualization and layout, I wish they would have just invested that time into their web page layouts and graphics. Luckily, aside from the opening image of florescent neurons and the sudoku puzzel, all content is available in the other layouts.

Those other layouts are well done and are a good example of the One Web concept at play — each story and URL is rendered in a layout optimized for the device you are using, regardless of how you might find the URL. Technically speaking, the servers are redirecting between different URLs based on browser agents. Google is notoriously obsessed with speed and efficiency so it makes sense that they would accept the risks and additional upkeep that come with browser detection in exchange for the leanest possible files.

Following are some galleries of screen shots taken on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. In each I show the table of contents and a story page from the site. 

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