Good Linking

Air 2.6 is live. Read about all the new features and then look and then check the demo of Flex Hero and see the Comb Over Charlie game running on multiple devices. 

Adidas Megalizer – Behind the scenes. Didier Brun provides detailed information about building electronics for the Megalizer (touch pads in shoes controlling beats).

How gets its data. Details on the architecture that provides real time download information for Firefox 4.

Hyundai i40 Reveal. Another peak behind the scenes. This one looks at controlling a scene’s lighting via the internet and streaming the results back using video.

Data Science Toolkit. Open-source server providing APIs for data mining, geolocation and more.

Think Quarterly. Google knocks it out of the park delivering their online magazine to both desktop and mobile browser. 

Katamari Hack. The great online roll-ups begin.

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