Mobile web test suite

Peter-Paul Koch published an excellent article on the smartphone browser landscape back in December of last year. It has a ton of great information including advice on building a mobile QA suite. As Peter-Paul points out in his ALA article and an excellent series of articles on his blog, dominant browsers vary region to region. Here is a test suite I recently distilled given my U.S. centric needs:

Primary Phones:

  • iPhone OS4: running Safari and Opera Mini
  • Doid 2 (OS 2.2): running Webkit, Opera Mobile, and Opera Mini
  • BlackBerry Torch (OS6): running Webkit
  • BlackBerry Curve (pre OS6): running BB Browser

Others, included dependent on region and site statistics:

  • Nokia n95 (S60): running Webkit
  • Samsung (Bada): running Dolfin
  • Palm Pre (webOS): running Webkit
  • Windows Phone 7: running IE7

This suite does include browsers that don’t do well with JavaScript (Opera Mini and BB Browser) and phones that use a variety of input devices (touch and non-touch devices as well as hard & soft keyboards). I have not included any of the lowest end browsers (NetFront) because we have not yet worked on a site where significant traffic comes from those devices. For the moment, I’m relying on the powers of progressive enhancement to serve the limited traffic we get from those lowest end devices.

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