Treesaver Public Beta

I first heard about Treesaver on The Big Web Show #18. It is a HTML, CSS, JavaScript framework that automatically transforms content to fit any screen size. It is designed to display content as individual pages like most eReaders (e.g. Kindle, iBooks, etc). 

The team behind the library includes Roger Black who has apparently “designed more magazines than you’ll ever read.” Roger also worked on the Times Reader and the influence that project had on Treesaver is clear.  

The platform itself will be open sourced and available for anyone to use. The makers of Treesaver will be using it to publish Nomad Editions — their own online magazines — as well as being available to design publications for others. 

Public Beta

A few days ago, Treesaver launched a public beta entitled Looting the Seas.

The video on the Nomads Editions home page shows some more inspired design ideas than their public beta, but being able to interact with the beta is very cool.

All in all, I like the paginated reader model and treesaver does a nice job adjusting to different screen sizes and resolutions. Animations on devices is choppy, and I wish that the contents tab was retained within the menu at smaller screen sizes.

Below are some screen grabs from three different screens.

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