Helpful overview of the Gimbal SDK from Qualcomm

Gimbal is an attractive ecosystem for BLE beacons with two different beacon form factors (a fairly basic Series 10 and a more heavy-duty Series 20), an SDK and web-based management services.

from Inside Gimbal: Qualcomm Beacons Tackle Bluetooth LE Challenges | BEEKn.

There are some incredibly appealing reasons, however, to use the Gimbal ‘cloud’. They’ve managed to take a lot of the pain away in developing beacon-based solutions.

Zigbee and Z-wave are out?

Of course not, but Broadcom is apparently placing it’s money on Bluetooth and WiFi for the IoT. One definite advantage of BLE is support among mobile devices. A mesh built on BLE could let mobiles join directly when in the neighborhood. Using BLE  would also greatly help when it comes to discovering nearby connected devices.

Zigbee and Z-wave are out. Broadcom’s new chips bet on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for IoT.